5 reasons why we are ordering office catering

  1. Business Meeting - a frequent reason for ordering catering to the office during long meetings. They usually take place in the conference room for many hours. This applies mainly to meetings of management boards, managers, PPM (Pre Production Meeting), statuses. Meetings for breakfast, sandwiches, tarts, fruit, mini portions of granola, lunch catering are the best. Food should be odorless and be able to keep its full taste for many hours
  2. Conference or workshop - this form of events is characterized by the fact that there are usually more people than during a business meeting. Usually, conferences start with breakfast, then during the next break there is a coffee break, during which we can find coffee from a coffee machine, a selection of teas, cold drinks, more and more home made lemonades, smoothies and cold press juices. We also have small snacks in the form of cereal cookies, brownies, cheesecake, chia pudding, mini sandwiches club sandwiches, BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) in toasted bread or wholemeal bread. Then we have lunch often in the form of a buffet, where we can try dishes from different parts of the world, including baked chicken, curry, pasta, pizza, mini burgers, steaks, dumplings, and a selection of salads, for example Caesar with chicken, cobb with bacon and blue cheese. Usually, we can also find desserts, ie cakes, fresh fruit, chocolates. If the training or conference started with a coffee break or lunch rather than breakfast, sometimes afterparty evening, which consists of professional catering with full waiter service menu or buffet served, the aperitif most often served with Prosecco or Cava, but also with champagne Moet, Veuve Clicquot, Mumm. Such an evening event is usually accompanied by additional attractions such as a concert or a bartender's show. Drinks are served by professional bartenders who usually work every day in the best cocktail bars in the city. More and more often, the preparation of such a dinner by well-known chefs from Masterchef, TopChef and Hell's Kitchen is getting involved. This is not only to provide delicious food, but also a greater attendance of guests. Alcohol is provided by large alcohol companies such as Martini - Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, CEDC.
  3. Company event - such meetings often take place in the office if space permits. In large corporations or technological startups, such events are called Afterhours or Happyhours, they take place once a month. Their goal is to integrate the team and build an atmosphere in the workplace. Another reason for company events are special occasions such as company's birthday, anniversary, team award for results, ending of quarters or projects, winning a tender. Any good reason, which is a confirmation that the company's results are getting better, should be rewarded with such an event during which you can breathe, relax. Such events are also a good reason to order tasty catering ranging from sandwiches, pizza, pasta but also buffet catering. More and more often, events on various culinary topics work best, and for example, we have Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, burger party. In addition, we can organize in the live cooking office, for example: sushi or dim sum, which will surely be given to employees for a long time. A company event is also an opportunity to invite a professional bartender or barista to the company. Sometimes such events end with going out to the club or the theater. If the company has a small office, then such an event is organized in the rented event space to organize events.
  4. TV, Film, Commercials production - productions are usually all-day work on the set. It is a hard job regardless of whether it is a photo session with models, a packshot session, advertising photos, recording of a program or series or recording of an advertisement. We have been participants in various productions many times. Advertising is a few days of work and the result is just a few seconds long clip. During such a day, we need a full-day catering, which will be nutritious for service, often Polish dishes such as pork chops, ground pork, crispy fish, light and higher quality for actors and models are the best. Catering starts from the early morning hours and includes breakfast, we have a coffee break throughout the day, lunch catering in the middle of the day. An advertising agency or a production house that deals with the production process usually orders catering during the final pre-production meeting called PPM (Pre Production Meeting) during which directors, producers and actors gather.


  5. Office Christmas Party - one of the most important events during the year, the company's Christmas Eve, which takes place in the office, restaurant or in the rented event space. During such a meeting, we usually have classic Christmas Eve dishes, from the herring, carp, to fish in the gala.

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