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Recurring Catering - Motivated employees who will love their work.

Benefit Catering will take care of the condition of your company. Imagine that catering can make your employees more willing to work with you, punctually come to the office for a shared breakfast, or be out of hours for a pizza or Thai food, to try something new and at the same time to integrate with the company.

Regular catering ordered to the office can be an addition to employees along with other non-pay benefits such as benefit system, multisport, multilunch.

Benefit catering benefits:
  • Increased employee satisfaction at the workplace.
  • Less absenteeism - regular eating of fruits and vegetables improves immunity.
  • Punctuality and increases work efficiency.
  • Make your employees happy now and become your favorite employer.

Check the offer of our recurring catering
We will adapt it to your company
and the needs of employees

  1. Recurring Team Breakfast - organize a breakfast at least once a month for all employees. We know companies that order them to the office every day. Employees appreciate it very much because they can come earlier to work, bypass traffic jams and at the same time eat a nutritious, balanced breakfast in the workplace.
  2. Recurring Team Lunch - we realize that work efficiency is an important element of your company's success. More and more modern companies such as Google, Facebook offer their employees a meal during work. You do not need to build your own restaurant or canteen, thanks to Easycatering we can prepare for you a cyclical catering, which will always arrive on time with the dishes that your employees will like.
  3. Happy Hours - once a month happy hour party during which you order food on various topics. A day with a given cuisine: Italian cuisine, Indian curry, Pad Thai ice cream, sushi roll, pizza, burgers, cold press juices. Live cooking or drinks prepared by the best bartenders.
  4. Fresh juices - in our offer you will find cold pressed juices from Cold Press, which cleanse the body of toxins. Perfect hydration during the day, improve mental concentration ideal for long meetings. Always fresh, they constitute a large amount of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals. They improve skin condition and nails. They are like a spa for our body. Organize such a rest for your employees without leaving the office and valuable working hours.
  5. Healthy snacks - Order a daily plate of fruit or vegetables and hummus. In this way, you can make work in the office tasty and healthy. Yes, we mean that healthy eating is the most important thing next to sport. Get ahead of your employees and provide them with some healthy food in the company. Thanks to this, the body has more strength to work and the brain works better by solving next business tasks.
  6. Fruits for the office - order fruit with delivery straight to the office. Make your employees healthier.

Write to us today, and Easycatering advisers will compose a benefit plan for your company tailored to:
  • Organizational culture
  • Work system
  • budget
  • Number of employees

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