How to order catering without hassle?

Specify the date, place and set details

The success of the meeting depends to a large extent on the order of proven catering. A suitably tailored menu for the occasion, form of meeting, time and space are important elements that the person ordering together with the catering company should take into account when ordering catering.

Menu diversity

Currently, more and more people have not only preferences regarding the taste of food, but also food preferences such as vegetarian, vegan, fish or gluten-free dishes. It is worth taking care that basic allergens such as nuts, gluten are also included and marked.

The choice of food

Food should be support during the meeting, that is nutritious enough to not let us suck. That is why it is worth choosing a varied menu, rather light dishes. Smell is another element of catering for success. Avoid dishes in the menu with an intense strong odor that will spread throughout the room. Garlic or other strong spices should also be limited or eliminated.

First you eat with your eyes

At the end, take care of the appearance of the buffet itself. Table tops with black tablecloths look best, they fit into any office interior. Make sure that the dishes will be described best in Polish and English.

After reading this article you know what to look for when ordering catering. Below is a brief summary.

Ordering catering without stress:

  1. Plan a catering in advance. Do not delay organization until the last minute!
  2. Appropriate selection of catering and menu for the occasion and duration of the event.
  3. Catering delivered on time, modern delicious food and smiling service.

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